17 Students Shot Dead in Florida High School; Multiples injured


A lone gunman opened fire on students in Florida High School in the United States.

According to CNN, numerous injuries were reported, with at least 16 of them being fatal.

A suspected killer, Nikolas Cruz, a 19 year old, has already been apprehended by the police for questioning. The suspect is said to be a former student of the school.

Over the years, the USA has been plagued by school shootings that have left many students dead. So far this year (yes, 2018), there have been no less than 18 shootings in USA. The deadliest of these have occurred in schools.

Scenes of scared students running from the site of the shooting could be seen as police moved in to neutralize and evacuate the premises.

This shooting is the first to occur in Florida this year. Previously, school shootings had been reported in both Texas and California.

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