How to Use Twitter to Make Your Brand Stand Out


Imagine your brand among the top dogs such as McDonald’s, KFC, Coca Cola, Apple Inc., Google, LinkedIn, Twitter?

The last, Twitter, can push your brand to the top 100 brands in the world. Even as social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat continue to soar in popularity, Twitter is a critical platform for brand recognition.

For instance, whether you like or love Donald Trump, he has effectively used Twitter to keep the world on edge. He has also used it to coin meaningless words such as #covfefe. The former US president, Barack Obama, also used Twitter and other social media platforms to build both his personal and official brand.

Witty Tweets

But why has Twitter become so popular among both personal and corporate brands? It all comes down to wits.

Twitter allows you to convey important and not-so-important messages in a humorous, conversational way that speaks directly to a brand. Due to the brevity of tweets (140 words), Twitter forces you to say what you have to say in a sentence or two.

In a world reeling under information overload and excessive communication full of fluff, everyone appreciates Twitter’s knack of cutting to the core of a message. In any case, people’s online attention span is in the seconds. If you don’t say what you have to say within this window, you have lost them to the completion.

In any case, there are perhaps millions of others tweeting at the same time you are. Your tweet has to say what you want to say before it gets buried under a barrage of other tweets on the same topic.

Leveraging Twitter to Push Your Brand to the Top

Big brands have discovered the immense power of Twitter. The witty remarks and playful banter that characterize successful tweets have a unique way of connecting with different audiences across the social media spectrum.

If your brand cleverly communicates with viral memes and witty responses in a playful manner that does not offend the audiences’ sensibilities, it can gain traction overnight. On the other hand, inappropriate tweets and corny replies could have the opposite effect on your brand.

So, How Do You Make Twitter Work for Your Brand?

There are several ways you can use Twitter to upscale your brand. Here are a few you might want to consider:

Respond to Damaging Tweets with Tact

While you might be tempted to ignore uncalled for criticism of your brand by the public, a better strategy is to carefully and respectfully respond to the vitriolic tweets. You will end up winning yourself a few fans in the process. However, when responding to an angry tweet, be careful not to come off as disrespectful and offensive.

Take a Bold Stand

In the Twitter world, you cannot afford to sit on the fence. Instead of being neutral, be bold and confront controversy head-on. People may vilify you for taking a particular stand, but you will win the respect and trust of many. Stay true to your brand and the culture of your company. Taking a position says you have values you stand for, and you won’t sacrifice them at the altar of expediency or conformity. This helps you establish trust and a reputation for integrity, critical attributes of a robust and enduring brand.

Stay Faithful to Your Message

If you are under attack by twitter trolls, make sure your responses are within the boundaries of your brand. Also, make sure whatever you tweet about makes sense. However much you may be tempted to veer off the message and give the trolls a piece of your mind, resist the temptation.

Know What’s Trending

To harness the power of twitter and bring it to bear on your brand, stay updated on what’s cutting. Find out what the trending topics are so you can respond promptly and keep your brand relevant.

Enjoy Yourself and Avoid Personalized Attacks

Twitter is a place to have fun and engage in witty, social banter. However, the back-and-forth light messaging has the power to catapult a brand to the top of the table.

As you engage in this social media banter, remember to be courteous and respect everyone in the twitter world. An ill-advised tweet could light a fire that no tweet can put out.

If you make a mistake, or in the heat-of-the-moment, send an inappropriate tweet, be quick to apologize. After all, behind the witty tweets are real humans with a heart and soul. They will forgive you.

Understand Your Audience Do’s and Don’ts

By knowing your target audience, you get to understand what would be inappropriate. You cannot afford to be ignorant or insensitive to the same people that swear by your brand.

Brand loyalty is hard to gain but easy to lose. Pay particular attention to, and align tweets with, your brand’s demographic. Understand the cultural attributes of your target audience and align your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

Building a brand online calls for tact, honesty, and audience sensitivity. Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform you can leverage on to catapult your brand to the top of the big boys’ and girls’ league.

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