Jane Innocent

16 Vital Lessons I Have Learnt After the Death of my Wife


This year, I have learnt …

  1. That the distance between life and death is a breathe away
  2. That the only moments worth remembering are those shared
  3. That death is a stealth stalker… it strikes whenever it strikes
  4. That service to God is the only enduring legacy
  5. That the only moment you have is now… use it when you have it
  6. That plans and strategies are nothing if they don’t factor eternity
  7. That time doesn’t stop when we die… tomorrow will still be here
  8. That arguments, hatred, and strife are a costly waste of time… save your breath and make peace instead
  9. That to live is to love … never miss a minute to shower a dear one with love
  10. That relationships are critical when calamity strikes… cultivate them continuously
  11. That grief is brutal but essential … cry if you have to, but never let it paralyze you
  12. That however loved you are, people will move on after you die… so, never take them too seriously
  13. That God is a constant in the valley and on the mountain… He’ll never leave nor forsake you
  14. That friends are like a fresh breathe of air when you are in the desert… treasure them
  15. That besides God’s work, the other enduring legacy are children… raise them in a Godly way
  16. That eternity is real… it’s your only hope of seeing a departed loved one again.

@ Innocent Mwangi, 2019

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