Finding Solid Ground in a Tumultuous World


In a world reeling from a pandemic and ills that threaten our very existence, it is difficult to find solid ground. Even the strongest and the wealthiest have difficulty experiencing stability in their lives. The only hope we have is in God. When cannot stand, we must learn to lean on Him who is imnmovable. He is a dependable God, our very present help in times of trouble. Put your trust in Him and you will have found the only solid ground that holds.

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This world is dangerously teetering towards the abyss. If unchecked, we will, without a doubt self-destruct. We cannot depend on the systems of this world. They have failed us miserably, century after century. Our hope is not on visionary leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, or any of the many others who have gone before us. They all died. Everything is transient. Everyone dies. This world needs a foundation far greater than the earth’s foundation. The foundation of this world must be God, the One who created it with His Word.